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Highway Traffic Management

Toll Systems

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Application Overview

Intelligent ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) systems allow passengers to pay tolls without stopping at toll booths and keep smooth traffic flows even during peak hours. Industrial ethernet devices are needed to gather and transmit data from toll booths to the central control center.

Key Considerations

  • Ruggedized metal housing with IP30 certification for mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock and vibration with temperature range of -40°C~75°C.
  • Industrial grade switches with protection against ESD, EMI/EMC, under and over-voltage conditions.
  • High data throughput via fast Ethernet or Gigabit on all ports with efficient L2 features such as IGMP, snooping, and MVR (multi-cast VLAN registration) for real time data traffic management.
  • Compact design for space-limited highway environments.

Application Diagram

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