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Established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1994, Volktek provides clients professional design and manufacturing services for fiber optics and Ethernet products in the broadband and automation segments. We provide customized solutions and best-in-class customer support to all our international partners and distributors across the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.


Volktek’s products are designed with a focus on the end-user to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solution with minimal maintenance or OPEX.  We design and manufacture a wide range of high-quality, radiation-free optical devices to support current and next-generation Ethernet platforms for Metro, Surveillance, and Industrial applications.





VOLKTEK Product Portfolio

VOLKTEK has built on the wide-ranging experience of its R&D and manufacturing staff to successfully integrate IP-based Ethernet knowledge with fiber optic technology, enabling VOLTKEK to offer a wide range of optical Ethernet products that combine these two specializations.

Boasting in-house-developed user interfaces and network management software, VOLKTEK’s products maintain a consistent user interface across a range of products and the benefit of a customizable software package for real-world applications.


Among Volktek product lines you can find:

  • -Metro Ethernet switches- aggregation, access, and CPEs
  • -Industrial Ethernet switches with or without PoE
  • -Industrial IoT gateway
  • -Media converters
  • -SFPs and PoE Injectors