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Outdoor Wireless

Application Overview

Governments often provide Wi-Fi services in public areas such as railway stations, bus stops, etc. The demand for these services have signficantly increased with users requiring always-on, secure internet access. A major challenge of outdoor Wi-Fi access points is UTP cable length limitation and availability of AC power input.

Key Considerations

  • Advanced PoE functions such as PoE scheduling, Powered Device (PD) pinging and power budget limiting which saves maintenance and energy costs.
  • Long-haul fiber connectivity which provides high-bandwidth for remote locations and is easily accessible to a control room.
  • Outdoor applications require industrial grade media converters which can withstand mechanical shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and dust extremes.
  • Fiber ports for uplink which can extend the distance by kilometers.

Key Volktek Benefits

Reliability Redundant Power Remains On During Power Failure
Reliability Multi-Rate Fiber Port Auto Uplink and Downlink Rate Negotiation
Availability Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) Strengthen the Transmission
Performance Quality of Service (QoS) Define the Critical Networks
Security Access Control List (ACL) Additional Security with Controlled Network Traffic
Management Traffic Monitoring Checks Incoming and Outgoing Packets
Management PoE ON / OFF + PD Alive Check Intelligent PoE+ for Powered Devices

Application Diagram

Outdoor Wireless Application Diagram

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