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 Robust Switch Performance                                    High-Power Budget for PoE Network
 Built with field-hardened components and enclosed in   Outdoor   Devices
                                              PoE IP Camera
 rugged IP30 grade casing, Volktek Surveillance Ethernet
 switches can withstand harsh environments such as            Designed with IEEE 802.3af/at standards capable of
 constant vibration, heavy shocks, humidity and extreme   PoE+  PoE IP Camera  delivering up to 30W of power per port over the existing
 temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C. These switches   30W  Ethernet cable, Volktek PoE switches provide power to
 75°C  provide protection against surge, ESD, reverse polarity, and   Per Port  PoE Wireless   connected power devices without the need of an external
                                                              power source. The PoE switches allow simple plug-and-play
 short circuit to deliver non-stop PoE power to various power
 devices.                                                     installation of various PoE devices.
                                              PoE Wi-Fi AP

 Efficient Power Booster Technology
 The dual power input and wide voltage input range of   Intelligent PoE+ for Powered Devices  PoE Scheduling
 the Volktek Switch make it ideal for factory automation   50VDC  Elevate your power management experience with Volktek   AM06:00~PM06:00  PM06:00~PM10:00
 applications. With a voltage input range of 24~57VDC and   Managed PoE Switches. Boasting advanced features such   Day�me  Night
 the ability to boost power up to 50Vdc for connected devices,   Output Voltage  as PoE scheduling for energy conservation, power feeding
 the switch can support a wide range of power environments.   priority for critical devices, PD alive check for device health
 Its advanced features ensure reliable and efficient network   24VDC  monitoring, per-port power budget control for tailored   Power On
                                                                    Power Off
 performance, making it an excellent choice for industrial   planning, and remote power on/off capabilities, Volktek   PoE Alive-Checking
 networks that require scalability and flexibility.
          Managed PoE Switches provide unparalleled efficiency and         PoE Camera is “No Response!”  “Restart” the PoE Device
          flexibility to enhance your life quality.                                                Alive!

 Supported IP-CAM Solutions

 The Volktek PoE Switch is an advanced networking solution                         PoE Camera       PoE Camera
 that  supports  ONVIF  and  can  automatically  discover
 ONVIF-aware IPcam devices, simplifying integration into
 surveillance applications. The switch can also add the
 devices to a topology map for easy visual management, with   Network  Redundant and Resilient Surveillance
 icons indicating their status in red, yellow, or green. With   Network
 these advanced features, the switch provides a reliable and   Most Volktek PoE products are equipped with dual Gigabit
 convenient solution for modern IP surveillance networks,     SFP ports and various network redundancy protocols such
 ensuring scalability and efficiency.                         as Volktek proprietary Xpress Ring, STP/RSTP/MSTP, Dual
                                                              Homing, and Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) to
                                                              ensure network reliability.
 Hardened Power Connector with User
 Friendly Design
 The Volktek 4-Port PoE Switch is designed for modern
 surveillance networks, featuring a Mini-DIN connector for   IEEE 1588v2 PTP
 reliable power delivery to IP cameras and other devices.   for Time Synchronization  Telecom  Backbone Network
 Its ability to support different power consumption levels             Communication
 minimizes disruptions, and the included adapter holder   Volktek surveillance Ethernet switches support leading-  4G LTE   IEEE 1588 v2  Primary Reference
                                                                                                    Clock (PRC)
 simplifies installation on a Din-Rail. With up to 4 PoE   edge IEEE 1588 v2 PTP time synchronization. This function   IEEE 1588 v2
 ports, advanced QoS capabilities, and redundant power   enables the establishment of a stable and organized end-to-  Renewable
 supplies, the switch ensures optimal network performance.   end connection between the switch in the outdoor cabinet
 Ideal for industrial and rugged environments, the switch   and the regulatory core network.  Power Substation
 offers reliability, efficiency, and convenience for modern IP
 surveillance networks.

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